I’m back, after changing my host


I’m back after a week of problems. I almost gave up and closed my blog, but here I am again.

While I was blogless, I also became computerless. I have no idea what happened, but everything went really weird for me and I had to reformat my hard drive. Stress, stress and more stress!

I am still working on this blog. My post section isn’t working. I can’t see any formatting at all, so this could end up looking awful. I will be un-installing and re- installing plug ins, in the hopes of getting it back again, so my blog could be coming and going for a while.

Why did I ever change hosts?

Finally! Wedding Photographs

I know I’ve kept you waiting for this post, but I’ve also been waiting, for some of the photographs. I’ve just received them, so have finally selected some for you.

I won’t write a lot here. I’ll let the videos speak for themselves. The first is a small selection of the almost 500 wedding photographs that were taken. It’s good to have photographers in the family.

You’ll want your sound on for these videos.

The first video is fairly short. Just click the photo below to watch it.

flower heart

A selection of photographs

This next video is the complete ceremony, tears ‘n all. It’s a 30 minute video, so you might want to watch it when you have a bit of spare time, or even fast forward bits, but make sure you catch Mo’s wedding vows. Click the photo below to watch it.

table with champaign

The ceremony

I hope you enjoyed watching. It really was a perfect day!

Photo Blogging Challenge – Black and White

Top-banner.jpgSeptember 2014

This months photo blogging challenge is – Black and White

I would have liked to take part in this challenge, but I have been far too busy, preparing for our wedding, to go out taking photos. When this post goes live I will be away on honeymoon. Just four days away, but it will be very enjoyable, to spend time at the coast again.

As a token gesture for this challenge and as a follow up from the ‘colourful’ post, I give you a few, very old, black and white portraits of mine.  I only have four. I have lost so many paintings and drawing over the years.  I hope this makes up for my lack of getting out there, with my camera and I promise to do better next month.

The first is a copy of a Rembrandt self portrait. This was one of my first and technically not very good.

Rembrandt Self Portrait

Rembrandt Self Portrait

This next one is of Joan Baez. This was an old LP cover shot. Unfortunately, I glued the paper to board and over time the glue yellowed and bled through the paper. I tried to remove the yellowing in Photoshop, but it was hard to do without removing some of the actual pencil work.

Joan Baez - Album shot

Joan Baez – Album shot

This next one was something I wanted to try out. It’s from a famous painting (I can’t remember the artist) called ‘Veronica’s Cloth’.  If you stare at the eyes, they will appear shut at first and then they will be open (or the other way around).  It’s not too easy to see in this small version, but I had to take it off our wall, because it unnerved some visitors.

Veronica's Cloth

Veronica’s Cloth

Finally, this little girl was a commission for a well known hairdresser in a London salon. I never met him, or knew who he was. It was all handled through my boss at the time who, no doubt, made a very handsome profit on my meagre charge.

Portrait commission

Portrait commission

My apologies for not sticking to the rules, but I think I had a good enough excuse, this time.

If you want to see more black and white entries, just click the graphic at the top of the post.

Photo Blogging Challenge – Colourful

Top-banner.jpgAugust 2014

This month’s Photo Blogging Challenge is – Colourful

It looks like I’m a bit late this month. The time is flying past now.

I came across my fifth photo from last months ‘baseball’ challenge. I had forgotten I took it. But it fits in nicely with this months challenge. I give you a colourful, base ball!

colourful 1We stopped for a cool drink, while we were out in the heat a couple of weeks ago and I thought how colourful Mo was looking, as she sipped her orange drink.

colourful 2Worrying that I wouldn’t get time to go out on the lookout for colourful photos, I took this one. I love this colourful fruit. We’ve had it for many years and it’s as fresh as it was when we first bought it.

colourful 3I was coming down stairs and saw our neighbour’s garden through the window. I was struck by how colourful it was, so the next time I went out I grabbed a few shots with my iPhone. I must admit that the photos didn’t do it justice. I love yellow flowers!

colourful 4By now, I was getting a bit desperate, so I took a shot of one of my colourful paintings as a standby. I give you, my standby photo. A portion of one of my paintings.

colourful 5That’s my five for this month and if you want to see more colourful photos, click the image at the top of this post.

Bottom-Banner.jpgEdit, for those that asked. Here is the full painting.



Do you remember me saying that I was very busy, working on something and that I would eventually blog about it?

Well, this is the post that will reveal all.  Mo and I have been together for 33 years and the day has finally come, that we can make it perfectly legal.

On 20th September 2014, we will become Mrs & Mrs.Finally

It has been a huge job, organizing everything, but we are all set to go now. I hope.

Guess who’s coming, all the way from the US, to share our special day with us?  Junkdrawer Kathy and Dave! We were so surprised when they said they would arrange a holiday in the UK, so they could share the day.  They will be spending three days with us, so that will be a bit of icing on the cake.  Talking about cake. I mustn’t forget to pick that up, before we leave.

We are not getting married where we live, so will travel down the day before the wedding. There will be no room for forgetting anything. No rushing back at the last minute for a forgotten item.

Of course, there will be plenty of photos after and there will be a full length video as soon as I can get it edited. You will all be welcome to view them, if you want to.

I can’t believe that it’s only four weeks away.  These rings have gone on ahead of us. Just in case.


Photo Blogging Challenge – Baseball


July 2014

This month’s Photo Blogging Challenge is Baseball

This has been a really hard prompt for me. Baseball is not a British sport, so I’m not likely to find the odd baseball (or anything to do with the game) floating about for me to photograph.  I have had to think really hard to come up with anything and I only made four photos.

This is a photo of the little ball on the peg of the ‘bass’ string of my guitar. I claim ‘Bass Ball’.

Bass ball 1

This next photo is of our temperature gauge. I can’t remember what it’s called now, so if any of you know, maybe you can remind me. If the base ball was at the top, it would be very cold indeed.  Thankfully, I’ve never seen it anywhere, but at the base. Although it’s not a perfect ball, I claim ‘Base Ball’

Base ball 2

I was out into the garden and had my iPhone with me, when I noticed the cat’s ping-pong ball laying on the grass. It was at the base of our washing pole. I claim ‘Base Ball’

Base ball 3

This fourth photo was taken while sitting out in the garden in the hot sunshine (hence the bad photo). This is not a ball, as such, but a balloon that has deflated. Jenny loves playing with balloons and this one had floated down the garden. It was laying at the base of our hedge. I claim ‘Base Ball’

baseball 4

If I find another photo opportunity before time runs out, I will add it. If not, I’m sorry, but four will be my contribution this month.

For more photos in this challenge, click the link at the top of the post.

Photo Blogging Challenge – Vehicle

Top-banner.jpg  June 2014

This months photo blogging challenge is – Vehicle

I have managed to get five photos this month, but I actually missed some great shots.  Travelling along in the car, with iPhone in hand and ready was not good enough. By the time we’d seen it and I raised my phone it was gone!  What was gone?  A beautiful vintage car was gone! I suppose, on the road, is the best way to see vehicles, but it certainly isn’t the best way to photograph them, if they are going in the opposite direction.  I missed several great shots that way.

I did, however, manage to get this cyclist, before he passed by, so all was not lost that day. We get a lot of cyclists around these parts.

Vehicle 1

As you may be aware, we have the Tour de France coming to Yorkshire in July and they are preparing for this huge event all along the route. They are closing about 100 roads during the event, so the roads that aren’t closing will be a nightmare to travel on.  This next photo is a piece of art in a local shopping centre, depicting the cyclists.

Vehicle 2

The next is a common sight here. A tractor, pulling a truck full of what looked like grass, though I doubt it was. Nobody mows the grass here. The sheep do that :)

Vehicle 3

Here is another farm vehicle and I don’t pretend to know what jobs they all do, so that’s all I have to say on the subject. Where is the vintage car when you want it?  Gone is where.  Sorry about Mo’s green reflection in the car window.

Vehicle 4

This is a far more unusual sight where we live. In fact in the thirteen years we have lived here, it’s the first time we’ve seen it. Not one, but two police cars. I have no idea what it was for as there seemed to be no trouble anywhere. I do think they are parked rather strangely though. Almost as if they are hiding around the corner, in order to catch someone out. I watch too many police dramas :)

Vehicle 5

That’s my five for this month and I apologies for the fact that they are all phone shots. I haven’t been taking my camera out as we are going out each day for fast pace walking. Having a heavy camera swinging around your neck is not a good idea.



Check out all the other great photos in this challenge, by clicking the graphic at the top of this post.


I missed it!

This month has been a very busy one for me and to make things worse, we’ve had a lot of rain. I’m not complaining, because we had very little last year, compared to previous years. It has kept me inside, more than I had planned though.

I was looking forward to getting out and having fun, for this months photo blogging challenge, but only managed it once, before the rain set in. Now it’s the 30th of the month and I am too late. I will try my best to join in again for the next challenge.

doodlemeI haven’t posted much for quite a while now and don’t know when I will get back to regular posting. I may never again post two or three times a week, but I will post whenever the urge takes me.

It’s been a busy few months and will be for the next few months I imagine. I will, no doubt, be posting all about what has kept me so busy and when it’s over I will be plunged back into ‘normal’ life again. Twiddling my fingers and wondering what to do with my time. Unless, of course, my life takes another turn. Who knows what life has in store?  I didn’t expect what is happening at the moment, to ever happen, but it is.

I bet you’re wondering what is happening in my life, but I’m not telling you. At least not yet, anyway.

Photo Blogging Challenge – Smile

Top-banner.jpgApril 2014

This months photo blogging challenge is – Smile

This month has been a whirlwind of events for me, so I am late with this post. I managed to get a couple of photos taken.  The first one is of Mo’s smile.

smile 1

and the second one was when we went for a coffee, while shopping.  I tried to get the smile of the waitress, but she didn’t smile.

smile 2

We popped round to see my sister and I had my phone ready as she opened the door. Good job she isn’t a miserable person.

smile 3

Then I had go in for a cataract operation.  While waiting I suddenly looked down at my foot and smiled. They asked what size feet I had and before I could say anything, Mo said “Large”, remembering that I had broad feet. I only take a size 4 (uk) shoe, making my feet small.  They looked like canoes!

smile 4

Unfortunately, I couldn’t see much at all after the op, making it impossible to take photos for a couple of weeks. Just when my eye cleared, I went away for the weekend.

I’m hoping I will be forgiven for adding a photo that was taken on 31st March, to make up the 5th shot. Mo came home with the shopping and before she could unpack it, Jenny jumped up and into the carrier bag. That DID make us smile.

smile 5

Click the graphic at the top, to see more photos in this challenge.



Photo Blogging Challenge – One

Top-banner.jpgMarch 2014

This months photo blogging challenge is – One

It was a lovely, sunny day, so we went out for a long walk. Of course I took my camera, to see if I could get some shots for this challenge. I managed to get a few.  There were lots of ducks on the reservoir, but I noticed this one duck, all on it’s own and snapped it quickly, before the rest came swimming by.

One duck

Further along, we saw this. I have no idea why someone carried this all the way from the road and stuck it on a pole, but maybe it was just so I could get a shot of one bollard.

One bollardOn the way home I saw one plastic bag caught up in a tree. As the weather had been so windy, leading up to this day, I’m surprised there was only one.

one plastic bag

And here we have what I was looking for. A house number. It was a real struggle trying to find one, with my bad eyesight, I can tell you.

No 1

Jenny loved the little tunnel we bought her, so Mo bought another……and another…….and another, until we had five of them. A Double and four singles. She then tied them all together to make one long tunnel. Yes, Jenny loved it, but we had to take a couple off in the end. It was just too long.

One tunnel

That’s my five for this month and if you want to see more of this photo challenge, just click the graphic below.